Lady Gaga has a Pokemon Gym


so today in my history class we were talking about napoleon bonaparte and there were all these things about his height saying he was like 5’ 3” and how he was nicknamed “little corporal” and then my history teacher moves onto the next slide and this is what we see




Medicine Bow National Forest / 2013Miss having this as a backyard.

this, is, a , real, place


i get so offended when people dont like my favorite characters

i get even more offended when people think they love them more than me

i know but idk
me when i know but idk  (via blondejongin)
匿名: what are your fav songs atm?

Mhh… maybe Hyuna’s Red or Trouble Makers Now…

Lately I’m listening to a lot more anime and movie OST’s tho…

There is just too much good music on this earth ! OTL

I was actually quite surprised by this I don’t really get mssg at all  thank you very much <3

aot in 20 years
  • Kid: Mom, I found this book in one of your storage boxes called "Attack On Titan".
  • Mom: ...
  • Kid: What's up, Mom?
  • Mom: Get your brother Levi, and your sisters Mikasa and Sasha. It's time I told you the truth.